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Fohow Sanqing Aloe Elixir

Fohow Sanqing Aloe Elixir

Boost Your Immune System

This product boosts immune system and might help to cope with viruses.

Oral liquid “Sanqing” is the most effective natural preparation created in China for organism cleaning.

The product is recommended to people suffering from obstipation and hyperlipemia, in the cases of digestive tract inflammation, acne, pigmental marks. Complete organism cleaning and toxin elimination is guaranteed in the cases when the oral liquid is used with fruit paste "Meigui". Oral liquid “Sanqing” works in three main ways: cleans the intestine; cleans the organism from toxins; cleans the blood from lipid surplus.

Packaging contains 4 bottles, one bottle 30 ml of oral liquid.

Usage: up to two bottles per day. Usually it is used 10 days; it makes up one course, which can be repeated. For more intense effect, 3 day break is recommended between the courses. A full cleaning course lasts not less than 15 days.

Expiration date: 18 months from the production date.

Storing conditions: in a dry and cool place.

Oral liquid “Sanqing” is produced with the help of natural plant membrane cryoextraction technologies, their splitting nanotechnologies and further substance condensation. The product contains more than 10 TCM components: immune system regulators –Hericium (Hericium erinaceus), or fungus called Lion mane, main ingredients; aloe gel and oligosaccharids, also some other additional components (Chrysanthemum and others). With the help of high technologies it is possible to retain all the active components of the substance, which can be easily absorbed by the organism. This BVP is an absolutely natural regenerating healthcare food product.

Main ingredients

Aloe Vera. Aloe contains more than 160 active components. Ahetin strengthens the organism when fighting with viruses, Aloemicinus affects cancer cells.

Aloe stimulates the organism, slows down aging processes. Besides, Aloe helps in the cases of constipation, haemmorhoids, wounds, hearth and blood vessel diseases, etc.

Oligosaccharids –high quality water-soluble, noticeably heeling nutritious fiber, which improves the work of the digestive tract. It is a preventive measure against laxity and constipation; also it reduces the lipid amount in the blood, strengthens immunity, etc.

The effect of the preparation

After the first usage of the preparation in 2-3 hours the decomposition of stagnant excrement in the intestine begins, followed by flatulence.

After 2-3 days of product usage, stagnant excrement separation from the intestine walls begins, there appears a wish to evacuate (excrement is liquid). A lot of dark stinking excrement is excreted. After 4-10 days of product usage, inflammation processes in the stomach and intestine are suppressed, unpleasant smell from the mouth disappears, constipation and laxity gradually disappear, excrement acquires normal color and shape.

After 2-3 courses the work of digestive tract noticeably normalizes, motions get regular and easy. Gradually skin roughness disappears, which was caused by constipation and toxin accumulation in the organism. The quality of complexion is improved, it gets pink. Breath gets normal. Gradually skin blemishes, acne, rash disappear because the causes are eliminated.

Oral liquid “Sanqing” is the most effective natural preparation created in China for organism cleaning.

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