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Fohow Gaoqian Nutrition Tablets

Fohow Gaoqian Nutrition Tablets

Boost Your Immune System

This product boosts immune system and might help to cope with viruses.

This product combines restoring and cleaning function. It is a natural health care and supplementary nutrition product. “Gaoqian” is also recommended to people suffering from hyperlipemia, hypertonia, hyperglycemia, overweight people.

Ingredients: konjak flour, chitosan, spirulina, food fibre from different fruit and vegetables.
Net content: 144 tablets 0.7 grams each.
Expiration date: 18 months since the production date.

The main components and indications

  1. Konjak. The main preventive and curing effect of Konjak is the reduction of fat, sugar and cholesterol amount in the blood, elimination of toxicosis consequences, it is used when curing malignant tumors, to suppress the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the digestive tract. It is distinguished for an excellent effect for overweight people and for those suffering from constipation. It is a preventive and additional curing measure in the cases of tumorous intestine, digestive tract and other organs’ diseases. Konjak is exceptionally rich in unique nutritious components. According to the research data 100 grams of Konjak tuber contains up to 50 grams of Konjak glucomanan (KGM); it also contains glucose, fructose, cane-sugar. The research of recent years has revealed that  Konjak glukomanan,  that is found in Konjak, effectively reduces the amount of sugar for the people suffering from diabetes. In the moist environment Konjak swells up (more than 30 times!), this is why when using tablets with Konjak, one experiences the feeling of being full, the time of food staying in the stomach is extended.

  2. Chitosan – is the only natural kind of polysaccharides of alkaline nature, that determines its important physiological functions. When chitosan enters the human body it remains there practically unabsorbed. For this reason it is attributed to one of the food fiber kinds. Chitosan also regulates and improves the work of the digestive tract, acts as a regenerating and preventive measure for the gastric mucous membrane. Chitosan helps to strengthen the immune system, suppresses the growth of cancer cells, lowers the blood pressure, reduces the amount of sugar and lipid in the blood. It actively carries out the toxin and heavy metal elimination function. Fat and heavy metals together with Chitosan are excreted through the intestine from the inside of the organism.  It helps to prevent obesity, cardiovascular and brain blood-vessel diseases.

  3. Fiber cellular tissue - is large molecule cellulose. It, just like Chitosan, occupies more space in the digestive tract, this is why it creates the feeling of being full, decreases an appetite, helps to lose weight. When using it with your meals, it stimulates intestine peristalsis, digestive juices secretion, is suitable for the prevention of diabetes and constipation. It helps to acquire a jell form in the intestine from the soluble cellulose, that slows down the assimilation of sugar in the intestine, also considerably reduces the amount of sugar in the blood. The abundant fiber cellular tissue helps the micro flora of the large intestine to produce lots of vitamins, also helps to excrete pathogenic toxins through the digestive tract.

  4. Spirulina. A natural well known green weed. Spirulina is a champion of amino acids, vitamins and micro elements concentration among ecologically clean products. The organism’s assimilation of this weed is 95% (as it does not have cells with strong molecule walls). Among all natural products Spirulina contains the biggest amount of protein – 65%! According to WHO data Spirulina protects the human organism from almost two thirds of diseases. Besides, this valuable weed has a very rare for vegetable products element – phytocianine, which stimulates metabolism and strengthens the immune system.

Our food ingredients are not balanced. Cellular hunger is more and more observable, which is usually followed by obesity, a person usually gets a lot of calories, but lacks nutritious elements. Weed, especially micro weed, is very important for our health, because it provides our organism with valuable and vital elements. Besides, it is a low-calorie product. It is the product that eliminates the most serious health problems of our times.

As after entering the organism fiber cell tissue starts sucking moisture, expanding and swelling, it enlarges the volume of the intestine. This process helps to soften the excrement mass and ensures more favorable conditions for it to excrete more easily and quickly. At the same time these processes stimulate the intestine peristalsis, reduce stasis and the possibility to assimilate toxins in the intestine. Also Chitosan’s ability to attach toxins and heavy metals is added, which provides a possibility to excrete toxins and heavy metals, and moisten the intestine. It strengthens the treatment effect in the cases of constipation and haemorrhoids.

Recently, as the general living standard has improved, food is becoming more refined. There is a trend to use less nutritious fiber in our meals. High-calorie food, containing lots of protein, fat and carbohydrate, promotes obesity, diabetes, heart-diseases, hypertonia, and other diseases in large numbers. These facts have attracted scientists’ attention and there appeared nutritious tablets “Gaoqian” in the nutrition practice. When providing a person’s organism with sufficient nutrition, this product also helps to excrete lots of harmful substances, toxins and fat surplus.

“Regeneration” and “Cleaning”- two functions in one product!


To lose weight: up to 8 tablets twice a day half an hour before a meal; wash down with not less than a glass of warm water.

As preventive measure: half an hour before a meal (e.g. before eating fat food): up to 4 tablets twice a day.

Note: often a positive result is achieved when using smaller amounts of the product, this is why one can start with smaller doses.

Usage course – not shorter than 2 weeks. Under the necessity, the course can be considerably extended.

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