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Become a distributor


If you are looking for an additional opportunity to earn money which promises a great income potential without having to invest too much of your time, then we would like to invite you to consider the possibility of becoming a distributor for FOHOW products. The only requirement from your side to become a FOHOW distributor is to place a one-time order in the amount of 330.00 EUR (excluding the shipping costs).

Once your total FOHOW products order amount (excluding shipping) reaches 330.00 EUR and you have the firm intention to become a distributor, then please add the item "Distributorship" (Product Code: FODIST at a price of 0.00 EUR) to your shopping cart. By adding this "product" to your order, you are telling us that you want to sign up as a distributor for the FOHOW products.

NOTE: Counts only FOHOW products.

As soon as we receive your order, we will register you as a distributor with FOHOW. Hereupon we will inform you about your FOHOW distributor number and also provide you with your login details for accessing your personal distributor online account. In addition, you will receive further information about how to build up your own sales network and how to market the FOHOW products.

The FOHOW sales network is very intelligently structured and yet simple at the same time, offering on the long-term run an excellent earning potential. You can download The FOHOW Marketing Scheme booklet which provides detailed information on how to build up your own network and on the FOHOW compensation plan by clicking here.

By now there are many very successful FOHOW distributors in different parts of the world who, after having built up their own sales network, can now live comfortably from the income their network is generating, without having to invest much of their time into the actual sales of the products.

Currently, the FOHOW company is expanding into the EU and US markets. For those living in one of the European Union member states or in the United States of America this is an outstanding opportunity to join the FOHOW sales force at this early stage of building up the distribution network in these two major economic regions of the world!

If you have any questions in regard to becoming a distributor for FOHOW products, please contact us by clicking here.


Welcome and congratulations for showing interest in the Fohow Marketing Scheme.

The Fohow Corporation, the largest of it’s kind in China, is dedicated to produce health-enhancing products using the most effective natural substances (for example the cordyceps mushroom), then applying the latest production methods to (a) effectively extract the vital ingredients and (b) manufacture products that have the maximum impact on the human body

For that reason many people are attracted to Fohow initially because of the great products, but then discover that there is the possibility to also do great business. People find that as a ‘user’ they can build their health and prevent many common illnesses, which is fantastic. At the same time though. If they build a marketing structure, they can gain much more!

Fohow is a company that, compared to similar schemes, pays it’s partners exceptionally high bonuses. The marketing is customer centred i.e. everyone is a customer, not a salesman (or woman). There is only one price, no trade or retail markups, and marketers are paid by bonuses.

Fohow offer their products as small scale bulk buying. To be a partner (or customer) you sign and buy a contract for !300 (at the time of writing about £250), then you receive this value of products. You can choose a general selection to, say, enhance the health of your family OR choose specific products for particular conditions (there is free consultation available to aid you should this be the case). Also you are registered with the company, allocated a company number, and you can monitor your progress online.

In addition the marketing is collective. That means any products bought are counted as your business, in !300 contracts or business places, then you sign other people under you.

There are no limits of time, you can work at your own speed, the company summerises all your contracts and you can view them online and calculate your position at any time.

In your Fohow structure, no-one under you can ever be equal to or even overtake you, you will always be paid according to the number contracts under you (bonuses depend on the number of new contracts there). If you meet some simple requirements, you will always be paid. Bonuses are paid four times a month.

So, we should now understand how the system works …

The Marketing Basics

The marketing structure is referred to as cyclic binary, and for each business place (or contract) you have bought you can invite two other partners or customers (binary meaning two). For the moment you cannot invite more people to your structure.

The first bonus is paid when there are six contracts below you. 


Therefore for six contracts:

You may have noted that it takes a turnover of !1800 for you to receive a bonus of !200 (about an 11% factor). As things proceed this factor will get better because, as contracts are counted again, the next bonus to be paid in the structure only takes three more contracts to be sold. For example:

Again a 4+2 pattern and the next bonus of !200 is paid to the business place indicated. Similarly for the next bonus to be paid, continuing the example:

Another bonus is paid this time to the business place indicated. Remember that we are just getting a feel for how the system works right now, how you really get to earn will be dealt with in the next section. Now at some point with continuing activity your structure will get to 18 contracts under you:

For example:

Bonuses are earned from within the structure as well as from the top, and build like “snowflake upon snowflake”. So for each business place, 6 contracts gives you ! 200, then 18 gives you a further ! 250. Now let us look at how this system can work to begin to seriously earn some money.

Building A Structure

Considering an example structure of 18 contracts under the first business place, but let’s compare having THREE business places to only having one:

So for 3 business places: Each 6 contracts achieved below every business place (remember the contracts get counted again from each place) earn ! 200,

i.e. 200 + 200 + 200

Then plus the second of ! 250 bonus for 18 contracts,

i.e. 200 + 200 + 200 + 250 = 850

Clearly a different earning potential is evident from buying more business places!

Going further, the next bonus is paid when there are 36 contracts below you (could be combinations 12+24 or 18+18), giving !300. And after 72 contracts (could be 24+49 or 36+36), !500.

This now could be viewed as a ‘cycle’ (i.e. the cyclic part of cyclic binary):

Therefore bonuses for ‘one cycle’ total !1250 and every business place is the start of a new cycle. At the end of each cycle a line is drawn on your online account, and the cycle can then begin again from scratch. At first most people take a while to complete one cycle, but with persistence and an active structure it is soon possible to complete one cycle per week!

Consider again our comparison of 1 versus 3 business places:

FOR ONE BUSINESS PLACE, one cycle will earn

200 + 250 + 300 + 500 = 1250

FOR THREE BUSINESS PLACES, one cycle will earn

1st place 200 + 250 + 300 + 500 = 1250

2nd place 200 + 250 + 300 =            750

3rd place 200 + 250 + 300 =            750



Imagine achieving this latter figure in a week!

Limitation In fact the corporation does impose a limitation that one can only receive bonuses for one cycle per week, for each of your business places. This is purely to allow others to also earn too.

So to re-iterate people wanting to really earn money naturally are drawn to having multiple business places.

And there is a special case for 7 business places, as follows:

Complete 12 cycles for 1 business place, then you receive !3,000 extra bonus,

Complete 12 cycles for 3 business places, then you receive !30,000 extra bonus,

Complete 12 cycles for 5 business places, then you receive !60,000 extra bonus,

Complete 12 cycles for all 7 business places, then you receive !200,000 extra bonus.

You will have to agree is now becomes seriously motivational when a pay-out of !200,000 is in the balance! And the ‘new offer’ coming up next may well be of interest

In addition, when you have completed 12 cycles, you receive a “1 Carat” award. After this, if one cycle happens within a week, you- receive 5% of the corporation turnover for that week (as a dividend). Normally it is about 800-900 EUR extra! These dividends are paid out every 3 months.

Regularly some great promotions are also offered e.g. a free 2 week trip to China with full health enhancement facilities! ... OR a free !600 set of new Fohow products! It’s worth definitely keeping a lookout for these.

A New Offer

There is now a new offer for new arrivals, of a 7 business place (or 2+5) structure for 750.

This consists of 2 full places, and 5 part-places which can be brought up to ‘full’ status once the structure is working (note this must be done within 2 years from purchase date).

300 + 300 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 = 750

It could be structured as follows:

(the structure shape is up to you but this shape is a good one for maximising the use of each place to build up bonuses) You can complete a business place by simply buying products, so this offer is ideal for those who are thinking of business AND health enhancement.

Note though, bonuses are not paid for contracts made from incomplete places. But this can be easily remedied by completing the place just before the bonus is due (perhaps as stated earlier by just buying more products).


To keep receiving your payments you must remain ‘active’, and you are active when:

1. you buy a new business place for yourself (also receiving 300 value of products),

2. you recommend someone who buys a business place in your structure,

3. you complete an incomplete business place – adding 270,

4. you buy products of !60 value but at the discounted price of 50,

If you lapse in this for any reason, it is just a matter of becoming active again then your payments will resume. Note products you buy need not be for your own use but could be used to encourage new invites. At least one of these activities every month and you will receive your bonuses weekly again.

… And There’s One More Bonus

There is yet one more bonus!

If you recommend someone to be signed by another agent (if for example you do not at the time have a business place available to sign them yourself), then you receive 10% of their bonuses (and there is a separate page for this on the online monitoring).

So, in summery, it should be very clear now that when active structures get to a certain size there is very good money to be earned from Fohow. If you want that, this should also be encouragement to think BIG and be motivated to succeed!

Of course, aside from what has been specified here, there are no time restrictions and you can build your business bit-by-bit if that is better for you. There is also no limit on how many more business places you can buy at any time. In fact it is plainly wise, when you are receiving good bonuses, to invest some of that to escalate your position.

And we should not forget the chance to visit China for health and pleasure!


Phoenix FOHOW Technology Investment Group Co., Ltd. 245, Long Xia Road, Dou men District, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China